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Our story

Fluortubing is a privately owned manufacturing company based in the Netherlands which is specialized in the extrusion of thin wall PTFE Tubing. As a manufacturer we are in control of the whole process which give us the ability to create and deliver taylor made PTFE solutions for the most complex issues.

Fluortubing was founded in 1994 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our Headoffice is still located in Utrecht, but since 1994 the company has expanded to a manufacturering plant in the USA, multiple Joint Ventures in China and a full in-house engineering firm located in the Netherlands.

Our products are mostly custom made for highly demanding applications in the Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical Processing Industries, Power Generation Industries, Semiconductor Industries, Aircraft & Automotive Industries. Because we have the entire production process in-house, we are able to devise, produce and deliver a solution for almost every market or challenge.

Utrecht Headquarter

— Our Headoffice

Utrecht, Netherlands

Since the establishment in 1994 Fluortubing is located in Utrecht. It all started in 1994 on Kernkade 34 and in 2001 the company moved to Kernkade 14, which is till this date our Headoffice and main production plant.

Call us with your challenge and we will find a solution that will fit your organisation.

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Employees around the globe
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