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PTFE Heat Exchangers

In applications where cooling or heating of flue gas is required and the acid dew point is reached, corrosive chemicals can destroy the heat exchanger tubes. In many cases, such as Coal fired power plants or waste incineration plants, PTFE is the only choice for such tubes.

For gas-fluid systems, which are used for heat displacement or heat recovery units, FT offers TUEV approved pressure tubes. In Gas-gas systems we offer tubes with diameter up to 200 mm. and length up to 12 m.

Chloralkali/H2 electrolyzer parts

Electrical insulation, chemical resistance and elevated temperatures. These are the requirements for chloralkali and H2 electrolyzer parts. Only PTFE fulfills these requirements. Our tubes are used for distributing sole into the stacks as well as for collecting H2 and Cl2.

Generator stator cooling hose

The best dielectrical properties and insulating values of all known solids-this makes PTFE the ideal material for generator stator cooling hose. FT supplies this product complete, bent to shape, with swaged or pressed fittings, pressure- and voltage tested and laser marked.

Pressure hose liners

From smooth, small bore tubing to big bore convoluted-many PTFE tubes are used as inner liner for high and medium pressure hose assemblies. Hoses can be made with stainless steel or plastic pressure reinforcement braid and pressed or screwed fittings.

Most fittings are made from Stainless steel, and in case of corrosive media transfer, the hose liner can be flared over the sealing surface, protecting the metal parts against the corrosive media inside the hose. FT has extensive knowledge of flaring techniques and the equipment used for it.

Rubber hose liners

Ultra thin wall PTFE tubing, sized to high precision and etched on OD with metallic sodium in liquid ammonium, allowing superb bonding to EPDM or silicone. Available in black Conductive, white colored or clear. This hose liner allows for the highest quality of PTFE lined rubber hose. Proven to be superior to PFA or FEP, with extremely high flexlife.

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